Hutchins & Son Masonry & Roofing

MaryLou, Evan and Alana Hutchins at our surprise "congrats on taking over the business" party! 

Hutchins & Son Masonry was founded in 2000 by Randy V. Hutchins.  After several years in the logging industry, Randy returned to masonry (with a previous 25 years of experience) with his 13 year old son, Evan. Randy built a very reputable business and strong relationships with many local contractors, architects, and clients in mid coast Maine. Our business is based on honesty, dependability, and hard work. Evan, who has been here since the very first brick was laid, took over after Randy passed away in 2009. It is our goal to continue building excellent masonry structures with quality and character!

After Randy passed, Evan ran the business alongside his mother, MaryLou. They continued on with the high standard of quality work Randy had set. Evan continued working "out in the field" while MaryLou supported him with all the office and paper work (as she had done for Randy!). In 2019 the business was officially passed on to Evan and his wife, Alana. Things have continued on just the they always have but we are happy to have given MaryLou freedom from all the paperwork!

How does roofing fit into this whole thing? Back in 2009 Evan started incorporating roofing into the business when sections needed to be done around the chimneys he was working on. As the years passed word kept getting out that he was actually very good at roofing. We kept getting calls to do whole houses and took the leap. For the past few years we've had a dedicated roofing crew that is small but mighty and has the reputation of being one of the best roofing crews in the area! 

MaryLou & Randy Hutchins